Have you got what it takes?

Unlock the magic within you! Picture your favourite artists, the ones who ignite your passion and admiration. There’s a huge range of possibilities to choose from – you don’t need to confine yourself to the Hirsts, Mantells or Bowies of this world, whose creative triumphs we all know about. You might also think about those closer to home who have made great things happen for themselves or others.

“The endless enthusiasm of the Create North team & so many participants gathered as one, generated such an energy not found elsewhere. Invigorating & re-energising everyone to level where it could not do anything other than positively impact our respective practices.”

Delegate, Yet-to-be-Named Festival

What is it about these creatives? Where does their success come from?

Was it circumstance – they went to a prestigious art college, had rich parents… Or was it fate – a case of popping into this world in the right sibling order just as the moon was entering the seventh house?

Research shows that, for the most part, it’s none of these things. In fact, what it tells us most clearly is that a successful artist exhibits entrepreneurial attributes and behaviours – such as passion; drive; an ability to take risks and challenge the status quo; clear focus; and, an independent spirit.

“I have enjoyed meeting and talking to other creative people as well as absorbing information from the course provider. Each session I have attended has opened another creative door, so thanks.”
Participant in Creativity Works

How about you? What qualities do you bring to your new or growing creative business? Tenacity? Authenticity? Get up and go? These aren’t just nice add-ons to your toolkit; they’re your personal crown jewels, and there’s a treasure trove of potential within you.

So, to return to the question we started with: have you got what it takes? Can you transform your dreams into reality? It all begins and ends with who you are, your qualities and attributes. It’s pretty much your finishing point too.

“This is one of the best events of this nature I have attended, I’ve been in business for over a decade now and I genuinely feel I have reached a pivotal moment in my career.”
Delegate, Yet-to-be-Named Festival

Create North’s programmes are designed to show you how by harnessing your existing enterprising capacities and by building new ones you don’t need to be a prisoner of either fate or circumstance but that you can start to take hold of and shape your own future whatever you want that to be.

We work with established practitioners, those just taking their first steps into enterprise, and those yearning to turn their creative passion into a source of income.

Embrace your inner entrepreneurial drive, tap into your limitless potential, and let Create North guide you on a transformative journey, turning your dreams into a tangible, vibrant creation that’s primed to shine.