Most Cultural and Creative organisation such as libraries, museums, theatres, heritage venues and arts companies are bureaucracies to a greater or lesser extent, designed to deliver services with clarity, regularity, reliability and, efficiency. This all works well when the tasks in hand are straightforward, the environment is stable, the same result is required time and time again and human parts of the machine are well behaved and compliant.

“The Gross Value Added (GVA) of the UK creative industries was provisionally estimated at £115.9bn in 2019 current prices. This is equivalent to contributing approximately £13.2m every hour at current prices (i.e. before adjusting for inflation).  Since 2010, GVA has increased by more than 43%, or more than twice as fast as the UK economy.”
Creative Industries Council

People and their dogs watching an outdoor performance at 'Barking'. Photographer Rob Guest

Does your organisation feel like this? Or is it increasingly subject to external influences over which it has no control or are operating in environments that are changing so fast that the detailed strategies can’t be implemented before the basis upon which they were formulated is rendered redundant.

“Those who know why changes come waste less effort in protecting themselves or in fighting the inevitable. Those who realise where changes are heading are better able to use those changes to their advantage.”
Charles Handy

Cultural and creative organisations, whether dedicated to public good or driven by private profit, are discovering that their existing management practices and procedures fall short. They’re seeking fresh, entrepreneurial approaches to carry out their missions in an ever-changing landscape. It’s a shift toward adaptability and innovation, a quest to embrace the dynamic essence of the creative world.

“The grant helped me establish a network of people and understand the venues available in the area. This network has opened doors and opportunities to possibly work further with a variety of other creative organisations.”
Pilot Grant recipient from Creativity Works

Serving food in Ushaw at 'Yet-to-be-named' event. Photographer Carl Joyce.

Are you ready to rethink the way your cultural or creative organisation operates? Embrace change and stay ahead of external influences by exploring new, entrepreneurial approaches. Join us in a journey towards adaptability, innovation, and a dynamic future for your creative endeavors. It’s time to take action and unlock the potential within your organisation.