All communities face challenges. Yours might be a waning town centre, with shabby shops and no green spaces. Somewhere else people are worried about a dwindling population with attendant school closures and the withdrawal of bus services. Somewhere else the major employer is under threat.

“It was fabulous and transformational, helped me to think differently and focus in on the value my creative practice brings to the community.”
Delegate, Yet-to-be-Named Festival

Roker Lighthouse in Sunderland. Photographer Rob Guest

These issues can be familiar or entirely unique. Either way, there is a choice: let things take their course or do something about it.

Dig under the surface of any community and you’ll unearth extraordinary riches of ideas, skills, experience, contacts, and energy. Pull them all together and you can create a powerful force far greater than the individual sum of the parts.

“I have found a beautiful network of people who are open to exploring and I am hoping that takes me somewhere!”
Delegate, Yet-to-be-Named Festival

Sandcastles with stick flags on a beach

People will pull together if they believe their efforts will make a difference. There are communities across the land pooling their imaginations to make the most of what’s around them whether these be skills, beauty spots, local heritage, buildings to get stuck into, or creative schemes that address people’s issues and concerns.

Create North’s Make the most of programmes are for creative practitioners inspired to make a difference and for those charged with helping them do so.

“I have really enjoyed meeting all the amazing artists! I really enjoyed all the workshops as well and by the end of it, it had my mind buzzing with creative ideas!”
Delegate, Yet-to-be-Named Festival

Explore our example place projects like “Create Berwick,” “Amble Board Walk,” “Create South Tyneside,” and “Creativity Works” to see firsthand the power of transformation through creative collaboration.

Get in touch to discover how we can help turn your ideas into action. We’re here to help you make it happen.

Examples of Places projects

Creativity Works, South Durham