In a project, everyone should be a beneficiary. Strip the jargon away, and everyone involved should benefit.

To do that, we believe that projects should have co-creation at their core. At Create North we always go on creative journeys together with our partners.

Because there’s no one way to do business and build communities, the projects we work on are all unique, designed to meet the specific needs and goals of everyone involved.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re working on right now.


"Warm" is a fresh creative initiative supported by Arts Council England, dedicated to exploring the role of the arts in providing warmth and support to displaced communities.

What Now? Thrive and Grow!

What Now? Thrive and Grow! is a business support programme for creative practitioners in South Tyneside who are engaged in some level of trading but are unsure how to make their next steps.

Creative Provision for Care Experienced Children

A research project to try and understand what creative activities young people who have experience of the care system are interested in and whether they are able to take part in these activities.

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